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What does UK GDPR mean?

The EU GDPR is an EU Regulation and it no longer applies to the UK. If you operate inside the UK, you need to comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018). The provisions of the EU GDPR have been incorporated directly into UK law as the UK GDPR. In practice, there is little change to the core data protection principles, rights and obligations. If you are a UK business or organisation with an office, branch or other established presence in the EEA, or if you have customers in the EEA, you need to comply with both UK and EU data protection regulations. You may also need to designate a representative in the EEA. Organisations in the EU can send data to your UK business, unless the data falls within the scope of the DPA 2018 immigration exemption.

Have you updated your transparency obligations with reference to UK GDPR, and considered how it may effect your business?

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